Sitting is the New Smoking by Nick Reynolds

From early in life our children sit at desks for school and slouched on the couch playing video games or texting. This continues into adulthood for most of us. How many hours each day do you sit for? Do you sit on your commute to work and back? How about at work or even when you come back home and relax in the evening. Can you see how time sitting on our backsides can quite easily accumulate.

Why is sitting such a big deal?

On a Spinal Level

• Prolonged sitting increases the pressure on the lumbar discs contributing to misalignments in the spinal column that may create disturbances in the nervous system.
• Sitting to the spine is much like sugar to the teeth – spinal misalignments contribute to spinal decay and dysfunction.

A specific procedure, called an Chiropractic Adjustment, has been developed to reduce these misalignment patterns and increase nerve function – along with it – health, healing and repair within the body.

Other Health Impacts

• Recent research has show that those who sat the most had a 2-fold higher risk of diabetes, a 2.5-fold higher risk of heart disease, a 90% higher risk of death from heart disease and a 50% higher risk of death from all causes when compared to those that sat the least (

Hopefully this will give you some insight as to why prolonged sitting is not good for our health. Good news is that simply getting up and moving more is a great, easy way to reduce these negative effects. For any more information on sitting, how chiropractic can help reduce spinal misalignments or any other questions then just drop me a line.

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New year…..New you! by Hemi Patel

Prevention really is better than cure….

Happy 2014!

Many people at this time of year are thinking of changing their lifestyles to improve their health by changing their diets, doing more exercise or joining gyms, or pursuing other goals they have made for 2014!


In this time of new beginning, it is important to remember you make an informed decision about the diets and the exercise plans you choose to follow. As a Chiropractor, I have seen many patients within few months of the new year, who have sustained injuries with their new exercise routines.  I therefore urge you follow these rules to avoid injuries in your new beginnings;


1. Make sure you are ready for the new exercise regimes you have chosen to do. It may be a good idea to get any aches and niggles seen to by a Healthcare professional like a Chiropractor before you start exercising. Even if you do not have any symptoms, it is always a good idea to get your posture, alignment checked to make sure that any exercise you do is going to be beneficial and get professional advise on which muscles would be good for you to work on to improve or strengthen your posture.


2. Build up your levels of exercise slowly and don’t forget to stretch your muscles before and after exercises.


3. Listen to your body when you are exercising, and if you get any warning symptoms such as a pulling in the muscle or a specific ache/pain after the exercise, the pain area may need assessing by a healthcare professional.


4. Do not continue to exercise once a pain develops in the same area every time after an exercise, you may need to have this injury resolved before you can continue exercising.


5. Pain is a warning sign, so don’t ignore it or dampen it with a pain killer.  you need to find the source of your pain and resolve the root of the problem.  Our Chiropractors can help you do this.


6. Increase your water intake, in its basic form, not one that has flavours, sugars, or additives in it.


To discuss your exercise regime or get advise from me, just call 0208 360 0204 or 0208 360 0406.  I would be happy to offer you a  Free Screening/Chat with me in person or a Chat over the phone. you can also call the phone numbers to book a New consultation appointment.

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