What patients say

“For many years I suffered severe back pains but my thanks to Hemi Patel, I am now completely free of pain, and would definately recommend her to my family and friends.”

L. Shipp, Age 89.


“After suffering many years of back pain, I decided to visit the Enfield Chiropractic Clinic. After a course of treatments with Hemi Patel, I have now been free of back pain for about 6-7 years.

Mike, Age 63.


“Pain has been greatly reduced and movement restored. Hemi listens to all you have to say and suggests minor changes to lifestyle which would prove helpful. reception staff have been excellent. many thanks.”

Jean, Age 61 and John, Age 65.


“Thank you so much to Hemi Patel, for your help and support during my pregnancy, you made the last few months more bearable than I thought possible.”

T, Age 31.


“My heartfelt thanks to Nick Reynolds in The Enfield Chiropractic Clinic. Thank to his trained hands that I was able to resumed two of my most treasured hobbies- walking and photographing instead of being house bound with constant back pain. He now ‘ re-tuned ‘ my spine every three months to keep the pain on a bearable level for me to continue living”.

Yen, Age 70.


“My years of back pain that was stopping me enjoying my sports has disappeared with course of Chiropractic treatments with Hemi Patel.  I am now back to my sports and my back is healthy.  As I play sports, I know I need to keep my spine checked for misalignments and get corrected when necessary, so Ill be seeing Hemi for my adjustments in the future as necessary.”

Andy, Age 40.

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